Who is insulted?

July 26, 2012

So some of the Scottish ladies and Welsh men footballers have upset many of the “Team GB” fans if the Daily Mail is to be believed- and who would ever suggest that we could do other than hang on every word of the Daily Mail?

The insult we are told was given by their refusal to sing along to God Save the Queen- or, as it is also known (for now) the “National Anthem”.

Putting Scottish or Welsh Nationalism aside for a moment, why should any of us choose to sing along with the dirge?

To start with the “National” in National anthem denies each of us the identity of our nation within the erstwhile union of nations we have come to know in shorthand as UK.

A song that calls for divine intervention to extend the life of an over-privileged citizen, in order to continue to lord it over us at the nation’s expense, is what should be causing offence. Offence to the millions of atheists and millions of would be republicans within our group of nations.

Time will tell if the union is to survive in its current form, and for how long anyone will reign o’er us. Regardless, it is surely time to ditch this abomination and, if we must have an anthem for the collective, to create one which represents the people, our nations and what defines us. So those Daily Mail readers who are insulted can think themselves lucky that it is a rare occurrence- Some of us are insulted every time it is sung or played as being representative of us.


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